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We have a small herd of pedigree Anglo Nubians and the occasional upgrading AN.  We kid half of the herd yearly, half of them milk through the winter to the following autumn.  We sell quality female kids and  castrated males to pet homes.  All our goats are disbudded.  

We are a natural herd and my goats are managed without chemicals or vaccinations and live a natural unforced lifestyle, fed on a quality whole grain and forage feed. They are stabled at night and graze in good weather and have access to 6 acres most of the year.

We milk record each member of the herd, we are awaiting BGS conformation for our first R104 , due to be awarded to Awekoola Poppy.  3 more females are being recorded this year and our goatlings will be

The Herd

The herd tucking into some homemade hay

 The herd

The herd enjoying browsing.

Klimova Astrantia

Klimova Astrantia - Goatling


Verga Violette, Klimova Astrantia and Awekoola Gwenna foraging for brambles.

Awekoola Hazel

Awekoola Hazel



Verga Kaleidoscope

Verga Kaleidoscope at 4 months

Sire - 134/216 Tyegronon Oouch (Sire - 216/159 Ivans Daemon/ Dam - RM134 Tyegronon Llookinggood

Dam - Verga Sparkle (Sire - Whitelea Tobias / Dam - Verga Pepper)

Klimova Aslan

155/140 + Klimova Aslan.

Sire - 140/120 + Mineshop Chabela (Sire - Mineshop Germinator/ Dam - CH R140 Imported Chaviva Q* Brch)

Dam -  R155 Nitram Selina Q*1 Brch (Sire - SM 200/147 Braynusen Samson Brch /Dam - R103 Nitram Ayley Q*)