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        Chocolate/Dark Ripple/Blue Muscovies

PLEASE NOTE - I am currently drakeless! I am looking for a quality Chocolate Muscovy drake. Please get in touch if you can help me, price paid for top quality bird. 

Our Muscovies are wonderful.  They have fantastic characters and are quite unlike your normal black and white Muscovy.  They are different in character, more thoughtful and more inclined to be well behaved (but not all the time!).  My pen of muscovies comprises - a dark ripple drake, dark ripple duck, solid blue duck and solid chocolate ducks.  

I am hoping this year to produce a mixture of solid and rippled colours, hopefully in shades of chocolate, blue and dark (also known as bronze).

All muscovy mums are sitters (broodys - meaning they will sit on their eggs and hatch ducklings)!

Young Muscovys

Young muscovys are lovely, particularly the chocolate, as you see above when they first feather they are such a lovely glossy chocolate colour!

Dark ripple youngster

These birds will be a wonderful addition to your duck family. But be warned they can and do fly (wings can be trimmed if necessary) and have sharp claws on their toes. They are strong (particulary the drakes) so should be handled firmly but with care, if you are thinking of them for children I would only recommend them to 'hands on' children or those who have had them before. You can get scratched by a cross muscovy.

Muscovies are also suited to a more 'wild' approach of living. A good sized pond with an island and house would be adequate for you to keep them without shutting them away at night, as long as the pond is deep enough so they have fox protection by living on the Island.  You can leave them with their eggs and allow them to hatch ducklings too!

I sell my muscovies from around 4/6 weeks old up to POL,  because I breed my own birds I do not often have any available at POL on calling, most are already booked by my customers for me to bring on to the age they require. I do not sell day old muscovies.  I do however occasionally sell hatching eggs when available, not often throughout the year due the the amount I hatch.

I sell them at £9 per 4 week old, then £1.50 per week thereafter. Please call or email for availablity!