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Poultry & Waterfowl For Sale

Last updated 26/6/2017

Bresse-Gauloise Pullets available now. From £11 each and rising £1 weekly

Cuckoo maran chicks available, can sex now. More coming on!

Fertility is still 100% on my marans and bresse if you are after eggs!

No Aylesburys available, some shetland and some harlequin MAY be available in a month. Please book now!




Female Ducklings are sold at 6 - 8 weeks old, fully feathered and off heat. Priced at £17.50 per female for shetland and harlequins and £22.50 for Aylesburys. Males are £10 each for any breed.

Pullets (female growers) are sold from 5 - 8 weeks when I can sex them and are sold from £10 - £15 depending on age. Price rises as they age.


 I sell hatching eggs from all my breeds.  All prices below are 2017 prices.

Rhodebar - £2.00 per egg - N/A

Cuckoo Maran Bantam - £1.00 Per egg- AVAILABLE NOW

Bresse-Gauloise - £1.50 per egg  - AVAILABLE NOW

Welsh Harlequin - £1.50 per egg - AVAILABLE NOW

Aylesbury - £2.00 per egg - N/A

Shetland - £1.50 per egg - AVAILABLE NOW


1st Recorded Postage - 1/2 Dozen - £5.50   Dozen - £7.50

I pack each set of eggs very carefully to ensure you get your eggs safely.

Eggs can be collected, email to book and I can tell you when they are available.

I give a 75% guarantee for fertility (not hatchability) for posted eggs sent 1st class recorded. Hatchability is the quantity of chicks/ducklings you hatch from the eggs. I give no guarantees on hatchability as there is too much variation in quality of incubators on the market and techinques used. ALL the eggs that I sell I have previously checked for fertility and hatchability and have had success with.

Bresse Growers!