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Poultry & Waterfowl For Sale

Last updated 26/6/2017

NO POL pullets available. I do NOT buy in stock so all are healthy homereared youngstock.


Bresse-Gauloise Pullets available in 3 weeks time. Males are also available of most breeds.

Most ducklings booked but still hatching till the end of the summer.

All goat kids are sold this year. Taking contacts for next years kids. 



Female Ducklings are sold at 6 - 8 weeks old, fully feathered and off heat. Priced at £17.50 per female for shetland and harlequins and £22.50 for Aylesburys. Males are £10 each for any breed.

Pullets (female growers) are sold from 5 - 8 weeks when I can sex them and are sold from £10 - £15 depending on age. Price rises as they age.


 I sell hatching eggs from all my breeds.  All prices below are 2017 prices.

Rhodebar - £2.00 per egg - AVAILABLE NOW

Cuckoo Maran Bantam - £1.00 Per egg- AVAILABLE NOW

Bresse-Gauloise - £1.50 per egg  - AVAILABLE NOW

Welsh Harlequin - £1.50 per egg - AVAILABLE NOW

Aylesbury - £2.00 per egg - AVAILABLE

Shetland - £1.50 per egg - AVAILABLE NOW


1st Recorded Postage - 1/2 Dozen - £5.50   Dozen - £7.50

I pack each set of eggs very carefully to ensure you get your eggs safely.

Eggs can be collected, email to book and I can tell you when they are available.

I give a 75% guarantee for fertility (not hatchability) for posted eggs sent 1st class recorded. Hatchability is the quantity of chicks/ducklings you hatch from the eggs. I give no guarantees on hatchability as there is too much variation in quality of incubators on the market and techinques used. ALL the eggs that I sell I have previously checked for fertility and hatchability and have had success with.

Bresse Growers!