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Liver Noses

This page is dedicated to Liver Nosed Ridgebacks - a beautiful, recognised colour of the breed...



Jenga & Miko's Daughter, Jomi

Liver nosed Ridgebacks are an acceptable colour. They have a brown nose, amber coloured eyes, and the coat can be light wheaten or red wheaten. The light wheaten is almost a pure gold with cream shading underneath, and the red wheaten coat is a rich chestnut sometimes with paler shading, and has an almost metallic glow to it. They are undoubtedly stunning. The colour has always existed, but has never been popular in England. I think that was just because it has never been seen as much as the black nose, because once a person sees a liver they never forget. In the English show ring, there have only been a couple of champions. In the states, and of course Africa, the situation is quite different with livers being well accepted, bred from and made into champions too. This is how it should be, as it is an acceptable colour, but exhibitors here have never campaigned them in any number. So of course judges donít get to see them very often. A real shame, but hopefully in the future things will change.

I do feel that it is important to keep the liver gene in our breed; they have always existed and have a beautiful clear coat, free from any black hairs. And as they come in light to red wheaten they are useful for keeping the variety of coat colours that is correct and desirable in this breed. After all,  the Hungarian Vishla is a very popular breed, & thye are exactly the same colour!

There is a quote that is utterly true;

"Rhodesian Ridgebacks may stop passers by, but a liver nose Ridgeback stops the traffic!"
Remember that when thinking which colour to choose!








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